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“SkitMedia is a wonderful, creative, collaborative, and gifted partner who excel at creating inclusive digital solutions..”

Saqib Hussain

Founder, Repairlab.



“They’re a very creative in coming up with ideas that are clever and fun. They have never fail to surprise me.”

Riyaz Ahamed

Ceo, Unbox Creativity.


General Questions

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Market conditions are always changing: competition enters, technology turns over and new regulations arrive. The strongest companies are always managing their brand in real time. Brand monitoring and management should be a constant endeavor, but it’s especially crucial when considering a brand change.

To generate positive brand awareness, you need to give before you take. Companies often forget about the opportunity to build brand awareness by doing helpful work for the community and aligning the brand with good causes. Putting structure behind these philanthropic endeavors helps build culture, stronger employee bonds and brand awareness through association.

Naming is part science and part art. The significance of your business name is no less significant than a child’s name. What if we told you that a child’s name influences his/her friends, college admissions, salary, and perception in the world, would you pick it randomly out of a hat? Your business name is no less significant and an important part of your brand. Maybe it should be your name. Maybe it shouldn’t. How does either fit within your overall branding strategy?

what’s your branding strategy? Did it help you define your ideal client? Have you identified their key problem and your solution to that problem? Once you know this, then we can talk about how a branding strategy will connect you with that target audience.

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